The True Adventures of Moriarty


Everything you think you know about him is a lie!

In 1892, shortly after the death of his best friend James Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, Sebastian Moran, a retired colonel of the British Army, put pen to paper to set the record straight about one of the most misunderstood heroes of the 19th century. Moran knew, just as Moriarty did, that his contemporaries lacked the enlightenment to accept his late friend for what he truly was, so he hid his manuscript away with orders that it finally be published one hundred years after his death…

The True Adventures of Moriarty is a series of short ebooks that follow the adventures of Moriarty and Moran. Known primarily from the character assassinations penned by Dr. John H. Watson, these two heroes fight against poverty, colonialism, capitalism, exploitation of labor, and the excesses of the British Empire. By Victorian standards, they are dangerous criminals. From a modern perspective… it’s difficult to say.


Coming Soon

1: “A Noble Birthright” — JULY 2018

2: “The Young Girl with the Dove” — AUGUST 2018

3: “The Red Crows” — OCTOBER 2018


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