I had a really good day of writing today.  I got a lot done on a collaborative project I’m working on, and I feel very pleased with myself.  I had been banging my head against a particularly difficult scene for a week.  I had some ideas about it on Saturday morning as I was leaving to go backpacking for the weekend so I quickly jotted down some notes and then went hiking for two days and didn’t think about it again.

Well, apparently my subconscious did the rest of the work for me because when I sat down to work on it at lunch today, it poured right out of me.  I threw out the two previous versions of the scene, started over, and I think I nailed it — both that scene and the one that follows it.  Now, I can put the project back into my writing partner’s hands for a while and get back to my novel.

A good day…

An Interesting Solution to an Old Problem

This weekend, I came up with an interesting solution to an old problem and I’m having a good time implementing it.  I have to send in a 10,000 word excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Obscenity, to apply for a fellowship, and I don’t know what 10,000 words to choose.  So what I’ve decided to do is stitch together some of the best parts (of what I have written so far) breaking it into short, choppy chapters that jump around in time and changes narrators frequently, stitched together by fragments of exposition from what used to be the prologue.

I’m calling it my “Quick Cut” for the novel’s prologue and first three chapters — normally about sixty pages, cut down to thirty — but it’s turning out better than just a clever way to excerpt.  I really like the new way the story is organized and I’m considering applying this experiment to the entire novel once I’m a little further along.  When I described it to my roomie, she said it sounded like The Blind Assassin, which has been on my reading list since I went to a Margaret Atwood reading in the fall, so I started it last night.

It is really nice to feel this inspired to write.  Because of a crazy time at work, I wasn’t able to get much done in the fall.  My New Year’s Resolution has been to write a little bit each day and I have mainly kept to it, but I have been wondering when this constant movement forward might translate into some actual momentum.  Fingers crossed, yesterday may have been the start of something!