Adam Hunault is a writer specializing in fiction, screenwriting, and playwriting.

Adam grew up in East Lansing, Michigan, and from a very young age he thought it was great fun to fill his spiral notebooks with tales of daring and adventure. At age ten, his indulgent parents signed him up for an age-inappropriate writing master class with famous “writer-of-stuff” Peter David and allowed him to waste his allowance on Star Trek: The Next Generation scripts. Soon, he was shooting home movies with his friends from his own handwritten scripts, and writing serialized stories which he distributed to his classmates. In high school, he studied creative writing at Interlochen Arts Academy. From there, he went on to study film at New York University, where concentrated on screenwriting and carved out a niche writing and rewriting scripts for his classmates’ projects.

After college, Adam wrote several screenplays for ill-fated independant productions, and then shifted his focus to writing fiction and theater. His short story “The Royal Flush Saga” won an Iowa Review Award and was published in the magazine in 2006. His plays The Ghost Dancers and The Maguffin were produced in New York and Philadelphia. These productions marked Adam’s first artistic collaboration with his friend Teresa Jusino, and eventually led to future collaborations as writing partners. Adam also published nonfiction articles on the websites Pink Raygun and Filthy Gorgeous Things, and spent a year traveling and teaching English in France.

Back in New York, Adam began working in arts nonprofit administration and started writing his great American novel. But after a few years on the straight and narrow, the lure of new, exciting writing projects proved to be too much with him.  In 2016, Adam moved to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting. In 2018, he began publishing The True Adventures of Moriarty, a series of short ebooks about the adventures of the most misunderstood hero of the 19th century.

Adam currently lives in Burbank with his fiancée Caroline and their stuffed dinosaur Raaarr.