The President’s Speech

If you missed it, here’s the President’s speech at the Tuscon memorial service. For me, this is one of his greatest. It rates up there with the race speech during the campaign or the 2004 Democratic Convention. It may be the best one at all. I haven’t been getting Obama fatigue (probably because I was a late convert and never had inflated expectations) but if you have been disappointed by the President you may want to watch this video. You’ll be reminded why you voted for him. In addition to a first rate mind and a good agenda which he has delivered on constantly, this man has the ability to find and nurture the best in all of us. The persona he projects lets you see the best possible America. This speech proves that he’s still got that ability — it’s a beautiful tribute to Gabby Giffords and the six people who died, but Obama transcends that message and puts the tragedy into a broader context that speaks to all of us.

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