Things I Liked in the Doctor Who Christmas Special

So, I didn’t write anything about the Doctor Who Christmas special after it happened. It was the most Christmas-y special ever. Rather than write a review (tedious) I’ll just tell you what I liked!

– The bridge of the star liner: bright white with lens flares, poking fun at the new Star Trek movie.

– Amy and Rory’s slutty cop and Roman centurion role playing. ‘Cause you know that if Rory guarded you for 1,900 years as a Roman centurion, you would want him to role play it later. Beats that old Raggedy Doctor role play any day!

– “It’ll crash, sir.” “Oh. Well, that’s a kind of landing, isn’t it.”

– The Doctor coming down the chimney. “Sorry, Christmas Eve on a roof top, I saw a chimney and my whole brain just went, What the hell!”

– “Father Christmas, Santa Claus, or as I’ve always know him, Jeff.”

– A lie too big for the psychic paper to back it up: “I’m universally recognized as a responsible and mature adult.”

– “How do people ever get bored? How did boredom even get invented?!?”

– “We’re boys! And you know what boys say in the face of danger? Mommy!”

– Flying shark!

– “It’s going to eat us!” “Well, maybe we’re going to eat it, but I don’t like the odds.”

– “Doctor!” “Doctor!” “Doctor!” “Kazran!”

– The Doctor and young Kazran in the fezes and the Tom Baker scarves.

– “When a girl is crying, are you supposed to talk to her?” “I have absolutely no idea.”

– The Doctor’s rubbish card tricks.

– “Good luck, NIGHT! Good night.”

– “It’s either this or go back to your room and invent a new kind of screwdriver. Don’t make my mistakes.”

– “We need to leave really rather quickly. I may have accidentally gotten engaged to Marilyn Monroe.”

– Abigail’s songs: “Silent Night,” and “When you’re alone silence is all you see.” Is silence gonna fall? Huh? Is it?

– “They really love their snowmen around here, don’t they? I’ve counted about twenty!” “Yes, I’ve been busy!” “Yeah. Yeah, ya have.”

– “Got any more honeymoon ideas?” “There’s a moon that’s made of actual honey. Well, not actual honey, and it’s not actually a moon, and technically it’s alive and a bit carnivorous, but there are some lovely views.”

– “Everything’s gotta end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started.”

– “Half way out of the dark.” Indeed we are. Only three months to April!

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