The President’s Speech

If you missed it, here’s the President’s speech at the Tuscon memorial service. For me, this is one of his greatest. It rates up there with the race speech during the campaign or the 2004 Democratic Convention. It may be the best one at all. I haven’t been getting Obama fatigue (probably because I was a late convert and never had inflated expectations) but if you have been disappointed by the President you may want to watch this video. You’ll be reminded why you voted for him. In addition to a first rate mind and a good agenda which he has delivered on constantly, this man has the ability to find and nurture the best in all of us. The persona he projects lets you see the best possible America. This speech proves that he’s still got that ability — it’s a beautiful tribute to Gabby Giffords and the six people who died, but Obama transcends that message and puts the tragedy into a broader context that speaks to all of us.

Things I Liked in the Doctor Who Christmas Special

So, I didn’t write anything about the Doctor Who Christmas special after it happened. It was the most Christmas-y special ever. Rather than write a review (tedious) I’ll just tell you what I liked!

– The bridge of the star liner: bright white with lens flares, poking fun at the new Star Trek movie.

– Amy and Rory’s slutty cop and Roman centurion role playing. ‘Cause you know that if Rory guarded you for 1,900 years as a Roman centurion, you would want him to role play it later. Beats that old Raggedy Doctor role play any day!

– “It’ll crash, sir.” “Oh. Well, that’s a kind of landing, isn’t it.”

– The Doctor coming down the chimney. “Sorry, Christmas Eve on a roof top, I saw a chimney and my whole brain just went, What the hell!”

– “Father Christmas, Santa Claus, or as I’ve always know him, Jeff.”

– A lie too big for the psychic paper to back it up: “I’m universally recognized as a responsible and mature adult.”

– “How do people ever get bored? How did boredom even get invented?!?”

– “We’re boys! And you know what boys say in the face of danger? Mommy!”

– Flying shark!

– “It’s going to eat us!” “Well, maybe we’re going to eat it, but I don’t like the odds.”

– “Doctor!” “Doctor!” “Doctor!” “Kazran!”

– The Doctor and young Kazran in the fezes and the Tom Baker scarves.

– “When a girl is crying, are you supposed to talk to her?” “I have absolutely no idea.”

– The Doctor’s rubbish card tricks.

– “Good luck, NIGHT! Good night.”

– “It’s either this or go back to your room and invent a new kind of screwdriver. Don’t make my mistakes.”

– “We need to leave really rather quickly. I may have accidentally gotten engaged to Marilyn Monroe.”

– Abigail’s songs: “Silent Night,” and “When you’re alone silence is all you see.” Is silence gonna fall? Huh? Is it?

– “They really love their snowmen around here, don’t they? I’ve counted about twenty!” “Yes, I’ve been busy!” “Yeah. Yeah, ya have.”

– “Got any more honeymoon ideas?” “There’s a moon that’s made of actual honey. Well, not actual honey, and it’s not actually a moon, and technically it’s alive and a bit carnivorous, but there are some lovely views.”

– “Everything’s gotta end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started.”

– “Half way out of the dark.” Indeed we are. Only three months to April!