Garfield was actually funny today. Unintentionally, of course. It was funny because the massive, bonehead mistake that the press syndicate made when they decided to print this particular Garfield cartoon on Veteran’s Day. “It was written almost a year ago and I had no idea when writing it that it would appear today — of all days,” says Jim Davis, writer of Garfield.

It’s also funny, alas, because it’s true. Not because the vets are stupid — they didn’t have anything to do with the geopolitical situations that caused the wars they fought in and in many cases it wasn’t their choice to go fight in them at all. But, clearly, war is stupid and the military, which (a) spends all its time thinking about how to do war, and (b) frequently fucks it all up, is also dumb.

At least the cartoon appeared on Veteran’s Day when we honor alive soldiers, and not on Memorial Day when we remember the ones who got squished, right?

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