Caucasion Nation

I just read and very much enjoyed an article from the upcoming issue of n+1 called “Caucasion Nation.” It exposes the current crypto-racism in the Tea Party by examining the similarity between their ideas and the ones used by Confederates, Reconstruction white supremicists and the opponents of Civil Rights — specifically casting white people as the victims of a vast conspiracy by black and other minorities to… um… exist.

We all know that racism has been sufficiently anathematized in America that it can no longer present itself directly, perhaps no longer even to the minds of those who engage in it. A paradoxical consequence of this apparent progress is that only in extreme cases can racism be referred to publicly by people in a position to condemn it. One begins to think of race in Obama’s America like sex in some caricature of Freud’s Vienna: simultaneously the main theme of all conversation, and the one that can’t be mentioned. Instead of being “overcome,” historic American racism against nonwhite people has gone into deep cover and, with the irrefutable illogic of the unconscious, emerged as a newfangled American antiracism for the protection of white people.

Read the whole thing here. I highly recommend it if you want to read a very eloquent explanation of exactly why all of the Tea Party imagery that you vaguely sense is racist but can’t exactly explain why, is really, really racist.


And in related but much less serious news, right before I read “Caucasion Nation” I also happened across this funny video called “Black Men Ski.” Enjoy!

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