Where to Find Me Online

Do you want to follow me online? Sure, why the hell not.

Well, I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet — hey, maybe I could write a blog post about that 😉 — but I’m going to do my best to be a good little writer and become part of the online community. Which is really important. Le monde est mal fait.

Facebook: I’m there under Adam Hunault. But I add friends pretty selectively, so if I don’t know you you should write me a message and tell me who you are and why you want to be my friend.

Twitter: I’m adamhunault on Twitter. It’s not my favorite but I’m trying my best. And a propos of nothing: “tweet” sounds stupid.

Blog: You’re reading it right now. Visit often! Add it to your Google Reader! Comment on stuff! Please!!! Look, I know blogs are so 1999 but I haven’t yet figured out why the wave of the future is to talk about yourself in little 140 letter snippets that are usually boring, confusing or boring-and-confusing. I’m sure any 13-year-old could explain it to me, along with why Pokemon is better than Shakespeare, but for now the concept completely eludes me. Blogs just seem better.

My secret other blog: It’s a secret but it’s awesome. I’ve been writing it for two years and just passed 200 posts. Maybe you read it already and you don’t even know it! In fact, which ever blog is your favorite, just assume I wrote it. It’s easier that way.

Post a comment! Where do you live online?

One thought on “Where to Find Me Online

  1. I live at Twitter (@teresajusino), and my blog (which you can link to above). I’m also on Facebook, but like you, I primarily keep that for people I’ve actually met in life, or have a real working relationship with. I rarely friend random people, which is a good thing, I think. There’s got to be SOMEWHERE on the internet where you don’t have to deal with the anonymous masses. I think that’s what Facebook is great for.

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