Change of Address

Hi.  This is just to let you know I have just moved this blog to this address from

Why did I do this? Well, when I set up the Nick Skylark address, I was feeling a little paranoid about having my name attached to a blog. I mean, if the address of your blog is your own name, anybody can find it through a Google search. Your current employers, your future employers, your enemies from high school… anybody. You no longer have deniability. If you use an online pseudonym, you don’t have to worry about that. No one can find you.

Of course, the disadvantage is that no one can find you. I’m told that these days, when you’re a writer, it’s important to get working on an online persona. I have some problems with that (hey, maybe I’ll write about those later, you never know!) but the fact remains that it isn’t a bad idea to interact with your peers both online and offline. I think my reluctance to use my real name was partially because I didn’t know if I definitely wanted to connect myself to a writer persona. Submitting applications to grad schools has made me realize that, for better or worse, I’m casting my lot in that area. This is no longer just a hobby that I really, really love. It’s a career. Time to start behaving like that.

Hello, my name is Adam Hunault and I’m a writer.

God help me.

One thought on “Change of Address

  1. YAAAAAAY! As someone who’s had her name attached to embarrassing online things since 1995 (if you Google-search me, you’ll still find a gushing post I left on a Ralph Fiennes message board when I was 15), I applaud your decision, and want to let you know that there’s nothing to be scared of on the Big, Bad Intarwebz. Who knows? You might actually learn to LIKE the interaction!

    I shall be pimping your site (and various social media platforms) accordingly.

    Your Fellow Luminary

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