Who Is Nick Skylark?

I am not Nick Skylark.

What? you ask.  Then why do you have a blog with his name?  I’ll tell you.

My name is Adam Hunault, and I’m the author of  Nick Skylark Unplugged, a series of short stories that follow Nick and his friends Allison, Frank, Amandine, Jigger, Luc, Harper, Sage and Loïc.  In the Unplugged stories I’m exploring the themes of authenticity, alternative sexuality, technology and music in the early 21st century.  The stories also tie in with two novels, The Fightin’ Syncopators and Obscenity.  All three projects are currently in progress.

The concept of the stories came to me in 2009 when I realized that several stories that I had written explored the same themes with the same types of characters.  One thing that has always bothered me about literature is that characters, unlike real people, have no life beyond the story they are currently living.  When writing short stories it is normally considered bad form to include any character information not relevant to the story at hand—which means that the characters in short stories frequently lack the complexity of the characters in novels or of real people.  My goal is to give my characters a life that spans many stories, each of which can be understood separately but which are richer when you read them all together.  If there’s something or someone in this story you want to know more about, chances are there is more to read in another story (or there will be eventually).

This blog is going to be about my writing.  Hopefully I’ll soon be selling some chap books of my stories in this space and keeping you up to date about any developments, readings, plans, etc.  I’m also going to use it as a personal blog for my thoughts and opinions about some aspects of my life.  It’s going to be pretty free form, but I’ll try not to bore you.

Please visit often or add my to your blog reader!  You can also follow me on twitter at @adamhunault.

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